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Bird Book: Female Red-Winged Blackbird

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She's elusive and I haven't had the opportunity to snap a pic before. The female mainly stays down in the reeds, where her camouflage allows her to blend right in. Her mate was certainly vocal up on the wires above me...I think he didn't like me trying to sneak up on her.
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  1. nela091:25
  2. Ianto1:37
  3. SamSammy1:41
  4. guitarpit1:54
  5. wolflady2:15
  6. birdlady12:42
  7. ringleader2:44
  8. st512:44
  9. Jama2:51
  10. LadyOkie3:05


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Thank you! I think that we heard them too, Pat but the guys were being so loud that they were being drowned out. These shots were taken in the late afternoon, early evening and they were more active then. All rather accidental since I had been looking for a Killdeer that we had seen in the area previously (when I didn't have my camera with me, of course.) No success with seeing the Killdeer!

Starlings can be quite the pill that way; quite aggressive, aren't they. I don't have any bird feeders set up but I'd like to figure out where and how I could do that. Unfortunately, with the pool taking up a good part of the rear yard and with the dogs getting run of whatever grassy areas are left, positioning is difficult. I used to have a couple of trees in the small front lawn from which I'd hang the (ruby-throated) hummingbird feeder but, alas, they succumbed to old age and disease (50+ year old flowering and real crabapples.)


*giggle* You silly girl, Ardy! She was camera shy too, I guess. I never could time it right to get facial features but at least this shows her markings! One of these days, I'm going to have to set up a "blind" situation (and/or win the lottery to get that fantabulous lens...mind you, I probably couldn't lift it...LOL and I'd need to buy a lottery ticket. I knew that there was a catch or two.)


Michelle, they do sing nice also. The starlings drive me crazy, they can clean my two suet
cakes in one day, and I have many feeders out there, and they never stop chasing the
other birds. Great picture!


Hmmm. Reminds me of pictures of you and Francine at the Chihuly exhibit. All we got to see was the back of your head. Good shot, Michelle. Thank you.

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