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  1. monza0066:31
  2. mags1796:46
  3. krkarnes7:12
  4. madera7:32
  5. serenity7:42
  6. Jandy7:47
  7. floating_city7:58
  8. minsann8:04
  9. Dobrich8:08
  10. dvt19578:23


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Robyn, I now know what colors you really like (besides the ones you use). And believe it or not, you have the same taste as I do, but because people on Jigidi mostly like the very bright colors, that's what I end up using most of the time. Thank you very much though, for letting me know. :-)))))


Loved this puzzle, Wendy. I especially love the colour scheme, it's one of my favourites. Thank you very much. :))


Pat, I added the yellow color twice and apparently I didn't pick the exact same yellow the second time. And because I didn't thoroughly saturate the color, part of the 'old' yellow remained. When I noticed the flaw, I decided I liked it, so I left it there. :-)

You're very welcome muchly, Ms. Mandy. :-)


I love the design of this one Wendy, and the way you've varied the geometric shapes!! Ta muchly :~))


I love the colors in this, and the design is wonderful! But you must tell me your secret--how did you get that watermark effect in the gold/yellow diamond right above the green octagon?! Talk about it looking like a real painting--amazing!!! :-)))


Willy, I agree with you about this being a great subtle puzzle with its textures and colors. I wish more people liked this type. Sometimes I need a break/rest from the super bright colors.
Thank you so, as well. :-)


Wendy, this is a very subtile great puzzle with wonderfull textures and colors in it.
For me it was a challenge to solve this, but that is the meaning of a puzzle I think, and you are an EXPERT in it!!!!!!!
Thank you so,
Willy. :-)


I lucked out then, Edie! I'm glad you found two stress free ones today. I still haven't solved your egg puzzles yet but I've been itching to do it. I won't though, not until my hand is feeling a bit better. Today I don't feel all that I'm going to go back to bed shortly.


Yes it was, very mellow. I forgot to mention on the curls that I really like the texture that you've given these puzzles. Probably at my comfort level now. We'll see if I tackle the next size or not. Thanks Wendy

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