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These kaleidos were made from images by Francine (bookish), Jacki (bluebird42) and Shirley (Shian2). From top to bottom and left to right here's who inspired what:

Francine Shirley Shirley
Jacki Jacki Jacki
Francine Shirley Shirley

Thanks to all three of you. ♥
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  1. swimbee0:42
  2. laurajane0:42
  3. JavaChip340:50
  4. rockbit0:53
  5. MarshaG610:54
  6. ullauhrskov0:56
  7. racoonstar0:58
  8. ixony0:58
  9. jlex601:00
  10. Jwarner1:02


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I agree with the others; nice leftovers. My favourites being: #6 & #8, not just for the kaleido shape, but your lovely colour combinations. Thanks.

Am behind, as you can tell. Storm yesterday which necessitated computer to be off, just in case, and today, mostly reading.


Nine scrumptious Leftovers. You really know how to make a beautiful, fun puzzle.


Great, Shirley. Thank you. Lovely favorites. ☺


Thank you, Barb. Your favorites are mine as well. Thank you. I'd add the middle left to my list though. Yesterday was good. I slept about 7 hours and woke around 8. Went to the bathroom and took the meds I take around 6 each morning. I read a bit and shortly after 7 though I could get a bit more sleep. I woke again at 12;56!!!! I decided not to post today as it was so much later than usual. Wishing you a good day. Hugs ♥


Gorgeous, Ardy, my favourites are #1, 2, 3 and 6, Thank you.


Lovely collage for us, Ardy. Your leftovers re great. Fop left, middle right and top middle are my faves here. Hoping you are having a nice day. Hugs ☺♥


Good morning, Sandi. Five favorites is great. Thank you. Lovely harvest. So nice to be able to eat freshly picked food. I got a couple ears of sweet corn Thursday and had it for lunch today. (It's afternoon here.) It was so good. I've been wanting some for a long time. I try not to eat too much corn as it has a high glycemic index. Happy a wonderful Sunday. Happy eating. ((HUGS))


Good Morning, Ardy. Beautiful leftovers! Thanks to all. Favorites today are #1, 2, 3, 7 and 8. Nice harvest from my garden this morning. Enough broccoli to put in a pasta salad; 2 nice zucchini, okra, lots of tomatoes, one bell pepper and one cucumber. I am thankful for these fruits of my labor. We shall enjoy them this week. Have a great day!


Thanks, Francine. For my favorites I go with your #8 and #1 but would add #2 and #4. Glad you found three favorites. Thanks for your contribution.


Lovely kaleidos, Ardy. Three favourites: #8, #6 & #1. Thanks.


@bluebird42 @bookish @Shian2
Thanks, Friends, for your creatively that inspired these. Hugs ♥♥♥

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