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  1. pomme10416:31
  2. redwine73116:58
  3. Sexy16:58
  4. rubyparadise17:07
  5. Macedonian17:59
  6. Camelot18:48
  7. jen4822022:04
  8. irjeni22:39
  9. Clavis22:49
  10. Abolvig23:21


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Hi chilisand thank you glad you enjoyed it


That was a challenge, but fun. Thanks!


Hi grammylis and Gail, I seem to remember it tok a while as I collected the frames first but it was maybe a couple of years ago


Another masterpiece, June. I love the different look, but still with your trademark precision and details.

Different today! Looks like there was more work involved here. Thanks to you!


I do have a good memory, put it down to blueberries lol


You're good with your memory - I can't remember what I had first although I just loved my Seekers Christmas album. Les would say he had "Blue Suede Shoes" with Elvis.


those were the days, my first record was Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby. My brother came home and asked if I liked it, I was very polite until he fell about laughing. Well I didn't know the darned thing had different speeds lol


Hi June. Wow! More different ideas. I really liked the green and gold flower at top left, set off beautifully with the orange background. Thanks. Centre felt like an old record - a 78 maybe.


Hi Kirsten, having a bit of fun with frames. Feeling OK and hoping you are too


Look at your new toys, June!! Always coming up with something surprising. Thanks June. :))))

And I hope you're well.

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