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Bear in my Yard 3

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Getting a better view from the patio
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  1. mapletree1:17
  2. Dclo1:18
  3. Ianto1:28
  4. Warrior1:45
  5. bhelen1:47
  6. JoJos41:51
  7. jigsaw19491:58
  8. AnnaFrancesca1:59
  9. puzzelkitten2:02


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What would happen if you just took a nap on your terrace? Or if your grandchildren are playing outside? Brr.


well living in the big bad city....(almost)......I don't see anything like very "exciting" to have a bear on your jenny


Robin, Mom was still around....she came up to the patio a few weeks after the cub showed up. Late one night she was all sprawled out on the patio like a It was too dark to take a picture of her. She was much larger than the cub. Haven't seen any this year hopefully there is enough for them to eat up on the mountain.


great shots long as you are safe.....the cub looks young.......I wonder where his mama is????? do you think he is "past that stage".......thanks robin

As much as I love & appreciate wildlife, bears terrify me. I hope you always see the bear/s before they see you. They ARE gorgeous creatures I just have serious, unfounded, fear of them. I am glad I don't live in an area of the country where a bear & I could accidently wander across each other.


A little too close for comfort. Beautiful bear though.


Great looking young bear!

As scary as this is his human like posture is very cute!


Wow! 'Glad you saw it...before it saw YOU! I agree! It's a beautiful creature! TFS


I was outside and luckily saw him before he saw me. Was able to get into the basement door quickly. Very scary first I have ever had in my yard. Bird feeders are down now so he should be on his merry way. Beautiful Creature.


Much too close!!

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