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Before and After Adoption...

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A totally different dog - God Bless those who rescue and give animals a GOOD home.


What a difference a day can make!

@wasicu she would have grabbed my heart too! I'm so glad you found each other. I've always had a soft spot for the bent, the broken, the one behind the 8 ball. :o)

Very beautiful dog. Thank you.

In Dec. Hubby lost his Baby Girl (a B&T hound, she was 14 y/o, he had gotten her from the local HS on Oct. 19, 2009). Started looking online at the same HS and finally saw a dog he though he liked so made an appt. to go see it the next morning. Well, not a 'nice' animal as it tried to get at my Big Guy (who could not be mellower) so no go with it. They offered for us to go in kennel area (which is not normally allowed) to see the other dogs. The only dog in there that wasn't hyper was Shi so asked to see her. She was brought out and she was a surprise. Skinny as a rail, covered in small sores, limping bad as a toe had been cut//ripped off and part of the pad on the next toe over cutt off (still unhealed), some broken teeth, very timid but no signs of aggression and she just cuddled up to Big Guy. So though she wasn't close to looking like Hubby was looking for she came home because he felt so sorry for her. It was a couple weeks before she would be anywhere except under the table and in her crate. She has gradually come around with BG's help and now has a personality - very silly one but fits her and she seems very happy and safe. Her foot is finally healed. Oh she is a rather large girl - I'm 5'6" and when she stands beside me I can scratch her shoulders without bending down at all.

I thought (still think) it was strange that she was sent out with all the small sores all over her, badly injured unhealed foot and no Rabies shot. (Yes left the Shelter without a Rabies but the had given all other shots). Had her to our Vet the next day.

Hard start for her but today she is a silly, funny girl that loves life which she didn't in March.

It is amazing what love and security can do to bring out the real self inside.


Yay! 💜

Love it!


Wonderful!!! Big kisses xxx

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