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My Garden

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This is part of my garden.
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  3. SandiT0:44
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Yes, it is neat and clean, too.


What a garden Sandi, I can only dream of having a garden the size of your garden. You could run a vegetable stand with all those plants!


Sandi, WOW. Now that's a garden. I read once that if you can't cultivate a garden then cultivate a gardener. Sure wish I lived closer!!!! ☺ Thanks for sharing. No wonder you are so busy.


My husband prepares the seed bed in early spring, but I do all the planting, weeding and most of the harvesting. I grow most of the plants from seed in the greenhouse. It is not work for me, as I enjoy it. Dealing with the harvest can be a job. I freeze a lot of veggies, but I also home can the green beans, beets, tomato juice, tomato sauce, etc. I share with neighbors and friends who don't have gardens also.


Sandi, your garden looks wonderful! Also looks like it would take a fair bit of work to maintain but I'm sure the results are well worth it. Fresh fruit and veggies everyday! Thanks for sharing. Have a super day. :-)

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