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Pattern puzzle ♥

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Some of our most sought-after puzzles on Jigidi are puzzles with patterns. Be it mosaics, collages, fractals or kaleidoscopes.

Many Jigidi puzzlers create these magnificent pattern puzzles and get an even more effective brain workout from both solving puzzles and creating these challenging puzzles.

If throwing yourself into this sort of creativity is not really in the cards for your today, then please enjoy this embroidery-like pattern we have for you in Today's Daily Puzzle. 100 puzzle pieces – all for you ♥
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  1. willd8:33
  2. AuntCathy778:46
  3. kez19639:31
  4. Boog9:46
  5. knittwitch9:48
  6. Magnus10:18
  7. Katydid10:29
  8. sorenvesterlund10:37
  9. wujaszekdolf11:07
  10. txangel19711:21


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I'd love to see more like this one, it's wonderful with all those colours :)

Took close observation!


A real fun puzzle.

Wow, this jump-started my day into jigsaw land. . .challenging, but fun! Thank you. :)

Jigidi staff

Hi, @JayneH, This is a lovely pattern, isn’t it! We always make our due diligence and find all our puzzles for Jigidi Daily Puzzle in either the public domain or via a custom license – this one is with a license from Shutterstock.


WooHoo - you made my post into today's puzzle!! Wonder where you sourced it since you didn't give any credit to anyone or any place? :-))


I loved it. Thank you! ❤

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