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Sophia's Birthday Cake

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Sophia has just turned 4! This is the birthday cake her mother Rochelle, made for her.
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Hey Bill,

I missed seeing your comment on one of my puzzles, so I thought I would answer here since I doubt if you would see my reply otherwise. At least we have a way of knowing when a comment has been added to one of our own puzzles.

Thanks for your comment. And, you wondered how I created the kaleidos. It is actually very easy. I use a program called Sumopaint. (well, I have Sumopaint Pro) Sumopaint is free and the free version does have the kaleido feature active. All you have to do is designate there the apex of the wedge of the image is that you want to use to create the kaleido and also the direction you are looking. 0 degrees is 3 o'clock and cw is positive and ccw is negative (up to 180 degrees.). That's all there is to it, except I also clean out all the background before constructing the kaleido. For that I use another free program called GIMP. It's a free program similar to photoshop. That is a lot harder to master, but there are many tutorials out there to learn it if you are interested. If you are really interested to learn how to make a kaleido puzzle, i would be glad to help. Just leave me a comment on any of my puzzles and I will get back to you.


Wow! Looks far too good to eat! What a wonderful creation. Rochelle, you are indeed an artist!

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