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A Game of Cribbage

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A picture of a game of cribbage I was playing with a friend of mine in 2010.
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The cribbage board is stuck away somewhere. I'll have to learn the rules of play all over again, but do fondly remember playing with my grandfather.


@mariolyn - it wasn't me, or I'd have asked if you wanted to play a round of cribbage! ;D


2 things while we were in Puerto Vallarta in September
My son brought a cribbage board and we had a game, which he won.
Seated on the patio at dinner one night, a ginger cat and a RACCOON wandered among the diners.


My dad made our board and also the pegs to go in it. I play once in a while with Hubby. It's a good game to make me think and count.


My Dad taught me and my sisters to play cribbage. I know at least one of my sisters still plays, as most times I see her we make time to play at least one round.

My Dad and maternal Grandfather played for hours at every family gathering. They played for a quarter a round. Oft times my Dad would greet my Grandfather with "got any quarters" instead of a hello. I have many fond memories of them sitting for hours at the table in the corner of my grandparents living room playing cribbage.

My mom died 12 years ago. Hard to believe it's been so long. I haven't payed cribbage since. I miss it. I have that exact board.


I used to spend hours playing cribbage with my mom, it's been ages since I last played.
Thanks for sharing, your puzzle made me smile at the memories.

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