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1950 Mercury

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  1. ScooterTramp46:05
  2. tkpm57:48
  3. Trittonw1:02:24
  4. morten121:04:00
  5. rudy621:07:43
  6. jezst1:17:14
  7. jempitje1:23:31
  8. manolero871:46:43
  9. corky1:48:10
  10. jjrhawk2:08:55


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32DearbornDeuce, I like them both. Very good.
I have 8 flatheads left, ... I took the 210 hp superchaged flathead V8 out and put in the 351W. with twice as much hp. Lots of fun with that.


I had an Oldsmobile powered custom '51 Merc in high school (1958) and I have owned a custom '53 Merc hardtop since 1984 that is still flathead powered!


thanks for the comments 32DearbornDeuce.
I can see the Nash being referred to as a bathtub too,,, and the Hudson's too...
There is still a gathering of clubs that are geared only to Shoeboxes and Bathtubs. THey have national shows every year too. Flathead V8 engines are their favorites.


I grew up in the 50s in So Cal and if anyone referred to a "bathtub" car it was always - and only - a Nash!

Ah, did not know that. I had heard shoebox ford before but not bathtub merc. Thanks. Learned something new today!


I didn't know anything about your friends personal car.
I was just referring to the common knowledge that these '49 to '51 Mercury's are referred to as Bathtub Mercs. That's just the reference like Shoebox Fords, are those Fords from '49 to '51, because they don't have any rear fender bumps.. and also the Shoebox Chevy's are the '55 to '57 Chevys reference to them not having those rear fenders any more either. Rear fenders used to be bolt on things that stuck out, but the engineers finally got them built into the body... just progress.
I guess the reference of Mercs to the bathtub is because of the rounded corners and straight sides,,, like a bathtub turned upside down. anyway just a common reference point.

A friend of ours pulled a merc out of the swamp and named it “the swamp rat”. The color and style is exactly the same. Thought maybe it was his car.


It doesn't look like a swamp rat. It looks more like a bathtub. Upside down of course.

Is this the car called “the swamp rat”?


Looks downright Cool. thanks Redeem.

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