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Any spot of shade will do

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“Indian men sleep in the shade of an overflowing container of hay on a hot summer day in Ajmer, in the western state of Rajasthan, on May 30.”

Courtesy of Foreign Policy
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  1. guestguest5:04
  2. eaross7:03
  3. Brimax7:15
  4. Kaffesoester9:12
  5. Bill_I_Am9:17
  6. keolson119:22
  7. Nesha10:15
  8. jbindschadler10:45
  9. ozray11:37
  10. Bommom12:10


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Oh, ye of little faith.


The shade must certainly be attractive but I'd be worrying the whole time about the hay bale collapsing on top of me. I guess it's all that worry that keeps me from a good siesta...


You're sure welcome, Ann. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Its interesting to see how some people work on the other side of the world. Thanks for posting.


I'm right behind you, Pat. Good night!


I think I'll go take one right now, Bill. Goodnight!


Pat, I think siestas are probably healthier.


Happy to oblige, Plum. :-)


This reminds me of something I once read about Mexico. "In Mexico they invented the siesta. In the U.S. they invented air conditioning."


Come to think about it, Bill, the only references to horses in India, that I've ever come across, were in connection with polo. Thanks for straightening me out!


Plum, I'm not aware that horses were ever used as draft animals in India. Elephants are not suited to this kind of work and are too valuable anyway. More likely it would be oxen--but only in villages or over shorter distances. Mechanical conveyances, though, are always loaded way beyond capacity, whether the cargo is hay or people.


It's pretty typical, Gayle. You wouldn't see this in the cities, of course, but on the open road, anything goes. I can just picture your kids playing under the antique trucks. It's so logical!


I'm glad they overload trucks instead of horses. Or do they still use some horses? How about elephants?


That's incredible. I wonder what the fine would be like if they tried that here.

This reminds me of when the kids were little and we did the antique-truck shows many times during the summers. They'd often sit under one of the trucks and play to pass the time away out of the hot sun. Thanks, Bill.


Look how bright it is even in the shade!

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