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Unkown name of flower 3

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

Anyone know what this is??
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  1. Ianto1:47
  2. MeMaw231:48
  3. Pekaji2:07
  4. hartlova2:38
  5. twodoxi2:57
  6. pihovatavopice3:02
  7. Schusterin3:20
  8. Brockley3:30
  9. canalview3:38
  10. Shosh3:50


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What part of the country do you live in? Did it just recently just sprout? A call to your County Agent's Office ( your State Dept. Of Ag for your County) should be able to let you know what it is and if it is noxious/poisonous.


These are sorghum plants. (Google Images)

I don't know what kind of plant it is either

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