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There is a car there...

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We had some snow yesterday but sun this morning and it is gone!!


hopefully - No More Snow ☼ sending you sunshine to melt it all away xx ♥♥♥


I have plenty of supplies, extra bottles of water and food. I do have a wood stove in one room and can use that to heat a small space if needed. But, we are good and I've now been plowed out... We will see what next week brings!


Oh my GOODNESS - hope you have plenty supplies xxxxx was 27 degrees here today - really strange as we should be going into autumn but no sign of it as yet ☺☺1 Please be safe and stay warm ♥♥


Normally, we lose our power in every storm that comes through. But, hoping not to jinx myself, we have been fine through the last two storms. Now I'll go put on my mittens and shovel some snow. We ended up with 20"


I will think of you tomorrow as I go for my walk in 72 degrees! (Denver, Colorado!) Hope those electric lines don't come down.

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