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Happy in its new home

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This Christmas cactus cutting has sat in a north-facing window about a year and a half doing nothing. I moved it under the south-facing skylight, and look at all the new leaves! I think it will double its size by Christmas. :) (It's only been there about a month.)
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  1. Pekaji3:44
  2. RebeccaB3:46
  3. Horn4:02
  4. Atsutsa4:46
  5. Kossamu5:39
  6. margmasson8:16


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Yes, the plant I took It from was about 4 feet across, so I could afford to be generous!


So it's end is near the outside edge of the photograph.. Still, it's an impressive start!


The piece on the right is only about 5" long.


Wow. I'm wondering just how long that longest piece is? That's impressive as a cutting.


I think it's too young, Pammi, but I'll see - perhaps it'll find the energy to produce one blossom.


Well done, Rebecca, it certainly looks very happy in its new position. I know flowering time is still to come but do let us see it in all its glory come the Christmas season. ☺☺☺


I hope you make some puzzles of them, Eva.


You are correct Rebecca☺️ It takes a few years..I have about 10 Christmas Cactuses and all the cuttings are from momma plant..Two of them + momma plant bloom each year and the others are just growing and they are about 3-4 years old..The 3 blooming ones face East window sill with sunscreen..The rest face west window sills with sunscreen and shade from oleander bushes..They say if you put them in a dark room for a couple of weeks will give them the urge to bloom and I’m planning to fill my closet shelves this year and see what’s happen☺️ I just love to watch them and their new leaves..Thanks Rebecca..❤️❤️


If I remember - I don't think it will bloom this year.


Great... you found its happy place, hope you will show us again at Christmas how much its grown...

:-) Maggie

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