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Ultimate Open-Face Steak Sandwich

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From Sargento's website.

"Make these mouthwatering open-faced steak sandwiches at your next picnic or cookout and delight your taste buds! Marinated flank steak meets a robust combination of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. Grill it to perfection and top this steak sandwich with Sargento® Sliced Garlic & Herb Jack Cheese, Dijonnaise and quartered peppers for luxurious flavor."
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  1. lordmojo6:38
  2. susannea8:19
  3. Jjitsoo9:35
  4. Avalanche9:49
  5. hazeld11:09
  6. River11:13
  7. pfd031511:21
  8. MC33811:28
  9. yarnover11:31
  10. cupcake6711:40


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You're gonna need a lot more painkillers. After tonight's puzzles I'm in stitches myself.

It even hurts to think 'bout having razory fangs... Owww......


Oh. Is that why there's a knife there? Lol.


That's what knives are for! And then pick it up with your fingers and no one will ever know you cut it first!!! :-)))


It looks great. It also looks like one of those sandwiches where, unless you have razory fangs, a lot of the fillings will keep dragging themselves into your mouth so that you look like a chipmunk.


Putting these two halves together will make one whopper of a sandwich!!!! I see the grilled red peppers BUT I think I see some GREEN peppers too-----NOT!!!!!!!!!

This does look good, don't ya think?


You are free to ignore the instructions and put them together. (*grumble* "raised in a barn" *grumble)

Rob, honey, I need to get back to you on other puzzles, just waiting for the painkillers to kick in.


It looks awesome, Meesh.
But I've always wondered... isn't an open faced sandwich kinda like a one-legged pair of trousers?

That will be dinner this week! Thanks...also got excited with the other recipes on the link!

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