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Eagle being trained by the military

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Eagles are being trained to take down drones that threaten personnel, equipment or property.
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  1. suzyeast3:39
  2. rosez4:05
  3. flooziebarr4:24
  4. hootowls5:04
  5. morinda5:20
  6. EssexBird5:32
  7. Bluesailor6:10
  8. philipcb6:40
  9. DEF6:49
  10. BobR7:24


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It is a wonder that the animals do not go on strike for better pay and working conditions.It looks somewhat perilous for the eagle to be doing that kind of work.A propeller in the face might be painful if approached from a wrong angle.Just saying...All is well if you do not look too close...A few feathers chopped off ?


WOW! After reading about you all, I am, indeed, most fortunate! HOWEVER, as my sister used to say, "If I don't die until I'm ready, Methusalah was a baby." (smile). But I think you're both right, God just hasn't figured out what to do with us yet. Let's hope we all make it to 100 AND in good health! Good night all.


My Heavens Mariposamia, we are a special bunch aren't we? Can't go skiing now or play hockey or anything else too active. We have to be just spectators now I guess. Anyway, glad that you haven't passed muster yet with St. Peter, so now join the crowd and keep our fingers crossed.


I understand exactly where you're coming from, Gordon. I've had three cancers - with radiations which caused Lupus, congestive heart failure and a heart attach, with pneumonia. I'm still here, too. I guess God can't handle the likes of me, yet, either.


I wish you luck indeed, and glad you're feeling better. So far my ticker is still good, but having had two strokes and two different cancers that necessitated chemo, the grim reaper still has a time to wait hopefully. The good Lord is just not ready for me yet.


Thanks Gordon - had to take a little time off to get myself a pacemaker (smile). Already feel better than before - may live to see 100 yet! :-))


Thank you Nana1932 for the comment. Nice to see you again.


Thank you Gordon, and yes, I totally agree Mariopsamia.


Thank you teewoman and Mariposamia for the comments. Ihope you enjoyed the puzzle.


Glad to see this. Wish more of us could stop this kind of prying.

GO MILITARY!! Thanks! :-) Tee

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