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This cow had created an 'itch place' and made it bigger/deeper, day by day.

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This cow was also recognizable (if it didn't rain, which is often did do) by the mud on it's face/head!
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Oh, wow. Well, yes, evil people are everywhere. No empathy, compassion or kindness. My friend in Vienna told me they used to sometimes do "an eye for an eye" when they found someone torturing/abusing/neglecting an animal.
Anyway, have a good week, Lia. Take care.


Don't think everybody is nice over here. We also find dogs bound to a tree because their 'owners' went on holiday.......


Netherlands sound like they treat their animals much better than USA. We have horrible animal torture everywhere. Almost as bad as Asia. Lia, I loved reading your comments. You made me feel better and I thank you so much.


Meggie: If I was to use internet pictures, I would have to mention that. Jigidi rules.
But all my pictures are either made by myself, or by my friend Yvonne, but then I state her name as photographer.


Perhaps it helps if I tell you that this week the Netherlands took on a new law on animals. 'Held' animals and house animals / pets.
So: from cow to budgie!
It states that animals have the right - and so now it is a law - to be held and fed according to their nature.
So: not allowed to hold 1 herd animal. Like: 1 horse. Or: 1 sheep.
Caged birds (budgies, canaries) must have room to fly a bit. Fish must have room in their aquarium etc. etc. Dogs must be allowed to be off leash (not all the time!!) and meet other dogs. Dogs may not be held in an outdoor pen or shed where they can't run and/ or meet people/dogs etc.
It will have most impact on farming animals and which impact is not yet to be overseen.


Hi, Lia. Oh, so you're actually in that location. I thot maybe that was a pix you saw on the internet. The blood may be from a mosquito or large insect drinking and then detaching. Or barbed wire. Omgosh, you may be very right - I didn't think of the horns. That's supposed to be a brutal, torture procedure where they restrain the animal, use a metal tube til it hits skull, twist and then afterwards, cauterize. It's very painful. But that's the norm for animals used for any profit (like factory farming, etc). Or even for family "use." Like declawing cats. Like having your fingernails ripped out. I'm so sorry, Lia. This stuff just brings me to my knees. The plight of poor animals the planet over, it's just heartbreaking. Thank you, Lia. You are so sweet!


meggie: I saw that on her leg all week. So if it is blood... I don't know.
I had the idea it was where cows should have horns that she was itching.....

Ginni: It does look strange!!

Weegkreeft: Ja!




Made me laugh!


Perhaps the collar is too tight and there's nothing she can do. Looks like there is blood on the back leg. I always wonder when any animal lives it's entire life with a collar bound around it's neck what it must be like eat in it, sleep in it, never have it off birth to death, have it get wet from rain underneath, etc - especially if it's kinda tight. Must be awful.

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