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What Takes Me Home

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There is nothing more to say Lind a said it.
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  1. Jhonda0:35
  2. Ribs0:46
  3. mapletree0:48
  4. Robbos0:52
  5. heagerty0:54
  6. cado0:55
  7. RedHead1170:58
  8. halsbacher0:58
  9. Ichiro0:58
  10. Jumble1:00


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I sure wish someone knows about you or your whereabouts. I tried to find you,but no luck. 1-13-2022


a beautiful picture

I believe Joe is keeping tabs. Perhaps Patrick will notify him.


Bev, I haven't heard from her either. I seem to remember a recent post about her but who said it ?

Hi Ken,
I stumbled across this beautiful picture and then happened to see a note from Lori Farrell...back in Sept. 26,2016. I sure hope this lady is OK!!!


Lori you are welcome. I sincerely hope Joe is doing well. I have not heard but time will tell.

Joe rest and get better. We are all with you.


WOW K...This was my & my mother's song...I was trying to get a pic & link for this to post, but on WAY too many med.s as the moment! (when she sings .."I'm going back someday.." neither me or my mom could get up that high and would just look at each other and LAUGH!) Thanks for the memories!) Thank You!!! ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ "Get Well Soon, Joe" ~ Lori

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