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Ghent: atmospheric end-of-year lighting

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Near the St Jacob's Church in Ghent

The legend of the golden dragon (Gulden Draak) says that it was first featured on the prow of the ship with which the Norwegian king Sigurd Magnusson (Sigurd Jorsalfar) sailed in 1111 to go on a crusade. Sigurd offered the statue to the emperor of Constantinople (the current Istanbul) to put it on the cupola of the Hagia Sophia. Over a hundred years later, the Flemish count Baldwin IX had transported the show-piece to the Belgium regions. The Norwegian dragon ended up in the hands of Bruges. After the battle on the field of Beverhout in 1382, the inhabitants of Ghent took their spoils of war, including the dragon and put it on top of their Belfry, where all communal charters were kept. The dragon had to protect these documents and it was also the symbol of the freedom and might of the city.

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That was my intention, dear namesake.
Thank you for your response ♥


Jaklien, you have given us a fascinating perspective of St Jacob's with a great back story. TFS, Jacquie


Dear @valt46 and @jan42ful ,I have done my best to explain why a dragon was taken. Otherwise this would have come across as a bit odd, I think. Thank you both for stopping by ♥♥


Amazing photo enjoyed your information thank you Jaklien ☺♥


Fascinating history thanks Jaklien and beautiful lights. Hugs ♥


Hello Ella, I hope all is well with you and your family.
Thanks for stopping by.


Thank you for sharing so beautiful photo and legend and I send many greetings, Ella


Yes, but there are plenty of volunteers here and many centres have already closed. The closest is now over 16 km/10 miles, but I haven't had to go there yet, except for my own booster shot.
But when they call, I go.


@Jaklien Are you still on call to administer vaccine?


I know...


@Jaklien we note here, as well. According to news reports, it seems only to take one infected person to spread it when at social gatherings. Tragic when common sense could help keep people safe.


Thank you.
Stay healthy, too, because the omicron variant is dangerously contagious!


@Jaklien Thanks for the information. I recall seeing dragon images practically everywhere when visiting your beautiful region of the world. Stay safe, well and cozy, my friend.


Dear Jerry, I have copied the legend of the dragon above. Always nice to read, if you are interested.


Dear Jill, I looked up the building, it is the St Jacob's Church in Ghent


Indeed, Gospelgrandma ♥


@Jaklien The Ghent Dragons rise! A wonderful decoration. TFS the Season.


Great show above the beautiful building. Thank you


So beautiful, Jaklien. Thank you! ☺


ank je, Gerdje. Ik kom er de laatste jaren ook niet meer...

Heel mooi Jaklien ! Rond deze tijd was ik nog nooit in Gent .

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