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Lake Hillier receives a large amount of attention from scientists and the public due to its obvious bright pink colour.
The reason of its pink colour is still a topic that is not fully understood by scientists, although most suspect it has to do with the presence of the Dunaliella salina microalgae. But the presence of red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts could be another explanation.
Its pink colour is less accentuated when viewed from the surface but it is very prominent from above.
From the aerial view this lake looks more like a fine pink coloured bubble gum but in close up its more of a light pink.
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Niccy, it looks bubble-gum pink from the air, but is actually a light red colour when seen at ground level. ♥♥♥


I didn't know that, Nev, & wouldn't have believed it if I'd not seen this picture! It's very beautiful.


Jana, good to hear you took King Max to the vet so promptly. It is important that he was treated with antibiotics to prevent infection. Yes, I guess he'll be a sore-and-sorry cat for a few days, but he'll get over it. Long may King Max reign over us.
Greetings to his 1st Assistant Jana ♥♥♥ and Royal Greetings to The Regal One.


Linda, Vips, Marina, and Peg,
thank you for your comments - most appreciated. ♥♥♥ x 4

Feel better Max.


Good morning Nev. Max acted like a king at the vet. He has cut off half of his finger, but his claw remained. He was injected with antibiotics. If complications arise, we should arrive on Monday. He whimpered very sadly and loudly all the way there and back (2 x 6 km). He sends a royal wishing for a nice weekend. Hugs dear friend ♥♥♥


Love your puzzle, love the information an appreciated the additional information below. Our world is full of surprises.


It is so beautiful from above, like strawberry ice cream!


Wow, I didn't know that, very interestig.


Love the lake; very unusual. TFS!


Thanks Nev, I'll tell him. I'll let you know what the doctor will do, because she's afraid of him☺☺☺


Ah, 1st Assistant, that's not good news. Good idea to take King Max to the vet for treatment. Wounds can become easily infected.
Please advise Our Lordship to follow all instructions of his 1st Assistant, for a positive recovery. Thank you. ♥♥♥


Thanks Nev, I've known about this lake for a long time. The weather is still the same. Max came from outside yesterday. Blood flowed from his hind paw, he didn't let it touch . We're ordered to the vet this afternoon, I don't know what they'll do with it. Royal greetings Max and his 1st assistant ♥♥♥


Jill, like the info said, it looks like bubble gum. ♥♥♥


The aerial view is stunning. Thank you Nev


Bev, I wonder.......... :-))) ♥♥♥


Two excerpts from Wikipedia may be of interest:

* Despite the high salt content levels (comparable to those of the Dead Sea), Lake Hillier is safe to swim in. However it is not advisable nor allowed without previous approval by the Western Australia Dept of Environment Conservation. However, there are very few ways to reach Lake Hillier. Aeroplane scenic flights are the most common method, with six flights a day departing Esperance Airport, flying over Lake Hillier via the nearby Cape Le Grand National Park. Cruises are also an option for passengers wanting to visit the isolated lake, and surrounding forest area.

* The lake was subject to salt mining during the late 19th century. The salt mining enterprise is reported as failing for a number of reasons including "the toxicity of the salt collected for consumption".

Many thanks to all who commented:-
littlecanary (welcome), Ianto, RocketFan (this'll cure anything!), Robbie, Ardy, Bobbie, jpowell264 (welcome), Donna, Jaklien (you're right!), and Jacqueline. ♥♥♥ (for the ladies)

If I went to swim in a white bathing suit, I wonder if I would come out of the water in a pink suit.:))


Hmmm. Interesting!


I hardly dare to say it, but I 'know' that pink lake. The lake is ten times saltier than the ocean further away ☺


Very interesting, thanks.

Thanks ulangariver. What a fascinating world we live in.


Only if you told us about it before. ;-D


Nev, after following your puzzles for some time I'd have to be in late stages of dementia not to know this. LOL So fun to see it popping up. Thanks.


Hee hee RF! Thanks for more info Nev!

Very few people know this lake is actually a natural Pepto Bismol spring....

No I did not.



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