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This cactus has three times the number of needles to stick you with. I have been stuck real good when I fell into a cactus once. Now I am more careful and enjoy their unique beauty. I found this threesome west of Tucson, Arizona.
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  1. nosnow_here6:04
  2. Syke6:17
  3. conrad6:52
  4. bgbull7:25
  5. Dustycat7:31
  6. DFW7:45
  7. olando7:48
  8. jlcutright7:52
  9. yenny8:56
  10. freetime9:09


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nosnow, I did not take this one recently. I took it on April 10th, during my 2016 visit to Southeastern Arizona. I think it would be best to avoid getting stuck by either one of those cactus. Terry


dblay, and you didn't even get stuck piecing that cactus together. Terry


Did you take this recently, as I see the ocotillo behind it on the left is flowering? That is usually something we only see in the spring, unless there's been sufficient rainfall.


Better to get stuck by a saguaro then a cholla.


I did my comment first and then did the puzzle but I just HAD to come back and say THAT WAS FUN!!!! I really enjoyed piecing that Cactus together. :-))


Oh Wow!! This is beautiful, even with the "stickers." :-) I'm sure when you got stuck, it hurt a LOT but, as you said, as long as one is careful, it must be fun to look at the beauty of the cactus. I've only seen those in stores that sell plants and stuff and I've never seen these huge ones in places like in Arizona. I imagine they are quite overwhelming and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this one.

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