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Lofoten Islands, Norway

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In Today’s Daily Puzzle, we visit the Lofoten Islands in Norway at sunrise.

There is evidence that human settlement extends back to at least 11,000 years in the Lofoten’s mountains, peaks, open sea, sheltered bays, beaches, and lands (and there are traces of human habitation even as far back as c. 250 BC).

Today 24,500 people live here. The waters are rich with fish, and it is not hard to imagine humans living on, with, and off this land for centuries and centuries.

When you look closely, you see some red houses in the foreground. That is Hamnoy fishing village. The environment is likely demanding, but the beauty of the scenery would be quite something to wake up to every morning ♥

This video from Lofoten Islands will take you there in the blink of an eye - and it is absolutely breathtaking!
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Lofoten Islands, Norway

Wow! beautiful view of Lofoten Islands in Norway, INdeed this awesome person truly captured such a magnificent view of another gorgeous view of our Father's creation and sooo grateful we are able to make puzzle with it.. Thank you so very much to all of you artists who reach out and help us all who may never go visit these beautiful places.


Thank you so much for the beautiful puzzle. The video of Lofoten Islands is indeed breathtaking!

No a jedeš se mnou? Kyselých okurek a paštiky mám hodně...;)

Chceš to vědět? Tak tam zajeď a pozvi je na sváču. :-)
... a nezapomeň na kyselou okurku ...

Taky si říkám, a kladu si ještě jinou otázku; jí tam rohlíky s paštikou???

Skoro bych řekl, že ta krásná polární záře je dokreslená.


Sure would like to wake up every morning and look at the scenery, but I KNOW i WOULD NOT LIKE TO LIVE THERE.


Wow! Beautiful place. I did not know it existed. Thanks, Jigidi.

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