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Ever wake up in someone else's bed?

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  1. BarbaraL0:52
  2. girch0:54
  3. TIME4ME0:55
  4. like921150:58
  5. laurajane1:06
  6. enjelina1:10
  7. JM_Cookie1:15
  8. Robbos1:16
  9. neenie571:17
  10. minaminame1:19


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tiredeyes, we got a good laugh out of this. Thanks, Terry and Sue.




That is a great one.


This is too funny!

thanks, go feed the goose!!! :D

by all means, BJ


by your question, can we all take the 5th?


Great photo!!! The right eye of the bigger dog's is very funny! Thank you. I love your profile name. Very humorous. Thank you for sharing this and leaving a comment on my page. Have a nice day!

OOOH--been meaning to apologize to MR. Bugosi--just a slip! Can someone explain charboor's comment? Or maybe that's one of those things I was just supposed to leave alone! Well--whoops!!! :)


little and large ha ha a cutie and a gentle giant .


no not yet to late 4 me now ha ha enjoyed your puzzle .

edlwis32--YUM! Send some on over! Thanks, BarbaraL--still trying to figure out why you're so fast--or maybe it's just that I'm so slow!!!


Cute picture.


My gosh, I love your dog.... you like My Schnitzel, there is plenty where the come from, I mostly make 12-20 of them ( I use Turkey breast - less fat) and invite friends ..your welcome !

One of the worst things ive ever seen. You're the Adolf Hitler of puzzles you are.

Thanks Wendy, Linda! I appreciate your comments!
Back to SOLVING! Ha!

gotta love that


I LOVE this Sindy! What a wonderful title! :-)

Thank you, MS. Bugosi, Robbie & Pat! I had a heck of a time getting the photo from an email into a format that would allow me to post! Wendy was VERY helpful! Now I need to learn how to MAKE puzzles. One step at a time! Thanks, again! SO


This is so cute, Sindy!


Most definitely.....Smart puppy.......Soppy dog!!


I think the puppy is planning ahead.......

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