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OOHH! That feels good.....

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Two Rainbow Lorikeets in the back garden last Sunday.

Brisbane, Australia.
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  1. PLG19580:32
  2. Graciela0:35
  3. ikook0:35
  4. cevas0:39
  5. stephen0:41
  6. Ila0:42
  7. ThePeacock0:43
  8. treker0:43
  9. Surreal_Heidi0:44
  10. reba0:47


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These are the cutest pictures ever! : )


LOL! They are very rarely quiet Jim - so I can always tell when they're around - even with the bright colours! When they have their back to you - that's when they get hard to spot, as they're all green then!! Thanks!

And they feed each other too Shirley:))) I love watching them too - thanks!

Thanks Gracie:))


So sweet and loving!! thanks Rob


So cute, love watching them preen one another, bit like, You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours :)))) Thanks, Rob.


Great shot rob, if they didn't have the orange color on them they would blend right into the plants and be hard to spot.


LOL!!! Poor Florrie :)))) LOL!!

Thanks so much Lorna - shall do:)))

LOL!! Thanks Patti:)))

Thanks ikook - will do :)))

I'm still taking photos whenever they get fed Dave - I guess I have 100's - but I'll just spread them out a bit:))) Thanks!!!


Slowing down... I understand your concern, Robyn, but I've been afraid you had quit showing them.


Don't stop sharing them, Robyn... we don't have the real thing, we depend on you for our shots LOL


A little to the left.... :)
Wonderful shots!!!


Lol Florrie! I won't ever get tired of seeing these beauties either Rob, so please keep posting them!


OOHH!! OK Nev :)))) Can't have you running after me with a big stick:)))) LOL!! Thanks:)))


AAWW!! Thanks Barb:))

I say VERY cute Beekay:))) Thanks!!

Hi Jan - I agree - I could watch them every day:)) They're always getting up to something!! Thanks!!

:))) Thanks so much Cathy:))) I'll just space them out a bit I think!!!


Oh Rob!! We LOVE your lorikeet pictures!!!!
These made me smile. : )))))


Never tire of them, Rob - and we have them in our backyard! They're such fun!


Well, how cute is that! TFS :-))


Not people on this continent, they aren't! Never tired of seeing them, Rob, especially if they are clowning around or loving each other :))) I'm sure others will chime in and confirm that you can post as many as you want... :)


Thanks Barb - I'm not too sure if I should post any more Lorikeet pics - people are probably sick of the sight of them:)))


Such beautiful birds, Rob :))) Thank you for the photo :)


Thanks Janet. Yes - it's the Hoya that goes about 10 metres up the tree in the centre of our back yard!


Fabulous pis, Rob, amazing catch with the camera. The male/female is loving that. Is that a large Hoya plant in the background? Thanks and hugs, Janet

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