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First Snow 2019

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Woke up to this in my front yard today.
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  1. Dclo0:19
  2. Ribs0:21
  3. Dilubreuer0:25
  4. racoonstar0:26
  5. Ianto0:27
  6. alias2v0:28
  7. Deanna0:35
  8. wshealy0:36
  9. nanab0:36
  10. JennyG660:37


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So nice you were able to have this built and are now enjoying it! :-))


Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. : )


That is my driveway on the left. It is only wide enough for one car to go up or down at a time. It widens slightly before the garage door, which the picture looking up from the street shows.
Yes, the house is at the top of a slight hill.

I bought the house 15 months ago, and moved in 11 months ago.


Is that your driveway on the left? It looks wide enough for only one car. This image doesn't show that your house is on a hill, maybe the other picture makes the hill appear bigger than it is. I hope your very happy in your new home. How long has it been? Too many questions, sorry.


I like the different seasons as well. Last year though, winter lasted way too long. I was getting serious cabin fever. I learned that about concrete when we moved into our house, wasn't sure if you knew or not, but didn't want you to make a costly mistake.


How exciting for you!!! :)


I grew up in S. California, USA, which means "winter" was two weeks of steady rain.
I can only remember twice in all my time living there that it snowed, and it never stuck for more than a few minutes (other than snow in the mountains where the ski resorts are, of course).

Do I like winter? I like seasons! I like that there's a distinct point at which you can say winter has ended and spring has begun, and when summer has ended and the glorious fall colors start appearing.

Yes, Fall is definitely my favorite season. :D

I didn't know that about salt on concrete, but a visit to Google confirmed it, which is why they have bags of sand next to the bags of salt at the stores, I suppose. :D


Are you celebrating?

I remember when we moved into our house. You're not supposed to put salt on new cement, so I think we used sand.

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