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TJ: Just don't empty the trash right now, oaky?

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I was working at my desk the other day and heard a rustling of paper only to look over and see little TJ lounging/exploring in the waste basket. She is becoming quite the character.
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She is tiny just about 5 lbs. AND the Scallywag Squad is always willing to "help"! ☺♥☺♥
So sweet.


TJ looks really tiny in the waste basket and so cute! Mum's little helper, maybe she's just trying to push the paper down sothat you can put more paper in! :-)))

You are right Nancy, and they are finding everything!!! ☺☺☺


Oh what fun! So much exploring to do!! :DD

Anne, she is adorable and this face does not do her justice! She is also a little imp! I managed to get her on a scale and she's just barely 5 lbs. A little one!


And that face! Her eyes look so big and so "innocent" .

generic_bear2, you are right and this little one has kitten curiosity to the max!
Beyondwords, it sits tight by my desk and there are storage boxes by it so it is right beside the kitten super highway to desktop mischief! Getting in was easy. The guilty was her being s little startled by my standing up. AND yes, I keep the cardboard scratches out as there is cardboard shreds here and there as well. ☺♥☺♥

She actually looks a bit guilty. She managed to get in there without tipping it over?
Our two paper shredders now prefer to shred the edges of cardboard boxes. Shredded paper and cardboard are great additions to our compost bin.

"You dropped something interesting, now, where is it, what is it, and I WANT it!!!" LOL

They've even got Gracie doing it as well! I've just given up for a while since it is just me.


babray - you are so luck it will be all over the house - Reese's loves paper shredding too!! - Mrs. Quinn

She was, believe me! But they have discovered the "kitten joy" of paper shredding.


TJ - you look very comfortable exploring the waste basket ♥

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30 August 2016 - 6 October 2014
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