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A great aircraft that never made it. First flying in 1958, the Arrow promised to be the best interceptor ever. Five aircraft were built and flown before the program was suddenly cancelled in February 1959 and all aircraft, tools and anything to do with the project were destroyed. At the time, it was put forth that the Canadian Government had cancelled the Arrow to be able to pay Canadian farmers more. It wasn't until recently that it was revealed that Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) had penetrated every facet of the project.Two years later the Soviets flew an aircraft with broadly similar characteristics and performance. . . .
The MiG-25 "Foxbat".
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A Canadian can of worms. Yes, it was perhaps the most technological design of its day but the projected unit cost without export sales would perhaps have beggared the country. The aircraft never flew with its intended engine although attempts were made to fit the engine into the airframe. it didn't fit! I believe that only two CF-105s were actually flown. I've never heard that the program was cancelled in order to subsidize farming although its possible.

The aircraft was broadly similar to the American f111 family- not a noteworthy success. Canada size countries such as Sweden and France locally produced fighter aircraft of at most moderate performance but at huge unit costs. The Can. gov't would have done better to shop American or at least worked collaboratively with Germany and/or UK.

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