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"Fishing Buddies"

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Eugeni Balakshin was born in Russia in 1962. He specializes in figurative paintings and loves to paint children in various activities. Eugeni later graduated from the art school at Saransk, Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. His art is in permanent display at Mordva Republican Museum of Fine Arts. He stylishly draws beautiful figurative paintings of children and female figures.
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LOL @eagleboi


Only thing I catch anymore is a cold lol.


Great to read the positive replies from Isaly2, eagleboi, Watchman and bjondron . In hopes that all of you catch a big fish :-)


"Memories,press between the pages of my mind,"!


Wonderful, it brings back memories of my little ones fishing. ;-)


Here come the memories again lol. But we didn't have the sense to wear warm socks and boots when we went down to the Meramec River fishing. Great painting and puzzle thanks for sharing oynot


You can tell how much Balakshin loves and enjoys painting children. Love this painting.


I'm glad that I found a puzzle mother123456 and @Sheralynn (nice to meet you) enjoyed :-)


Definitely has universal appeal... Thank you for sharing the not only this work of art but also yhe artist info. 🙂

What a sweet picture.

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