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There was a Galah sleeping soundly....

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.....on the tree branch next door. He's been doing this a lot lately & we think he might be an old bird. Well - at feeding time yesterday a cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet snuck up on him ...and bit him on the foot!!
Sorry about the slightly blurry images, but it was windy, I was at maximum zoom and I just had to keep snapping when I realised what was happening!!
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That's so true Shirley :))) Thanks!!


The Rainbow Lorikeets are suck cheeky little birds, never still and just have to annoy others, cute to watch though, Thanks Rob.


Thanks Ami - it was a lot of fun - taking the pics & putting them together! I just wish I'd had the camera on the monopod and it wasn't so windy - they'd have been much sharper images!!!! But that's the way it goes with wildlife photography!!!


This is such a cute way of showing a few moments in the life of a bird just minding it's own business and not bothering anyone, as a matter of fact just catching some shut-eye and some other bird sticking it's beak where it doesn't belong. I, too, thought the Lorikeet looked like it was 'saying' "What, I didn't do anything!".
Thank you for taking the time to catch this and share it Robyn!!!


LOL!!! Good one Cathy :)))) Thanks for your nice comments :)))!!


Maybe he asked the Lorikeet to wake him at a certain time. : )))
Great pictures Rob. I love the way you combined them.


Thanks Florrie & Floyd - I'm pleased you liked them!!


Thanks again Rob for sharing your treasures.


Thanks Nev :)))


They sure do Barb - that's why I LOVE photographing them!!! Thanks :))))

Ah! But we love 'em Janet :))) Thanks!!

I think Barb answered that question very well Dave - they do seem to be intelligent!! And...very playful. I have to stop myself from continually taking photos of them - I have sooo many - but I keep getting sucked in :))))

Thanks again Barb :))))

Thanks Heidi - the next photo in the sequence, that I couldn't fit in, was the Galah looking down at the lorikeet on the right, his feathers all ruffled up, and an expression that said 'what's a bird gotta do to get a bit of peace & quiet around here'!! Thanks!!

LOL!! It sure does Suzy - if only the photos were a little more focused that would work well :))) Thanks!


This makes one want to print out the series, cut the photos into frames, and make a flip book out of it! Great series of shots, Rob!


You are so right, SunnyBarb.

I love the innocent look on the lorikeet's face once it woke up the old Galah..... ''Who, me???''.


May I answer, Dave? They do it because they are intelligent and those smarts have to be used in some way, so they play. Only intelligent animals play. Crows and ravens play too and they are known to have smarts...LOL


Awesome sequence, Robyn! Great job of catching it. I can't help but wonder what it is that makes them do that. But other parrots do it as well.


Cheeky things! They push the limits all the time, thanks Rob, Janet ♥ ♥


Those parrots......they sure know how to enjoy life, don't they Rob.....LOL


My pleasure Mary - thanks!! As soon as he woke up they left him alone, so they were just being cheeky!!


Great sequence. Thanks for sharing it.
Hope the old boy gets his rest & the others won't bully him.


LOL!! They sure do Kirsten!!! It took me by surprise - or I'd have used the mono-pod for stability!
He's so quiet that Jenny - my neighbour - can walk underneath him & he stays put, while all the other birds take off!! Thanks Kirsten!!


Cheeky beggar! Those Rainbow Lorikeets really have more front than Myers don't they? Poor old Galah. Makes me want to find him a nice comfy place where he can sleep undisturbed. Thanks for getting these shots, and sharing them with us, Rob. (•‿•)

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