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Just Some More Happy Hearts

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  1. leolo13:45
  2. amanaplan13:52
  3. dotshell14:36
  4. Trish23715:10
  5. webpeggy16:01
  6. tricia7516:37
  7. sprywidow91520:33
  8. mankowski121:06
  9. Tuptim32121:25
  10. grandmapegs23:33


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Very enjoyable puzzle , thanks grandmapegs for this beauties !!


Really love this set of puzzles, Peg, and look forward to the rest of them. The green and the rainbow frames really popped for me but I think my favorite is the red/gold on the right side. I also love the mosaic pin with the colorful frame on the left. I used to have a pin very much like that. I also think the beautiful subtle gray/mint makes the other colors stand out even more. Thanks!! Dotty


Oh how special that you have your great grandson there with you and Bud (& his mum) for his second birthday. I'm guessing your day to day life has changed a lot since they moved in - but I'll bet it's all positive. And fun!
Yesterday I took Zoe out for a girls afternoon as it was her 10th birthday last weekend but she had a party (at mine) for some of her school friends so I didn't do anything special then. I always make more of a fuss on their birthdays rather than Christmas when everyone shares the day. Zoe and I had lunch at the Sushi Train, sushi is her fav food, then we had a sorbet for dessert and wandered round the streets of the CBD. It's a beautiful city - a shallow river flows through the centre of it and it's a very "green" city so a pleasure to just wander around. I was interested to see what she was taking photos of - like lying on her back to get a picture of spring foliage on trees with the blue sky peeping through. I definitely didn't bother doing that! lol. We spent a while watching a very big black fish in the river, hoping for food scraps I think as it was very close. And the birds are ever so friendly so she got a great pic of a sparrow that was not at all scared - it was hoping she had some crumbs in her hand. I think she had a great day - topped off with dim sum dinner at mine. A day memories were made ☺️


Trish, I enjoyed the neon one, too! Breezy, Autumn day here. Beautiful Saturday. Celebrating great grandson's 2nd birthday. I can smell cupcakes cooking in the oven. Bud is out chopping wood, getting ready for winter. Seasons come and go.


Love these too Grandmapegs ❤️❤️ and the frames are awesome, you always nail it when it comes to framing your puzzles. I do like the rainbow/neon hues one top right - it was the first one I completed of this set. Happy Saturday ☺️

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