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A Lovely Secluded Cabin In The Woods ~ Borrowed From RowenaElcy

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"Cabin In The Woods"

I wish I could escape to that cabin in the woods,
Where the trees have a face like no other.
And those trees play songs,
with the breeze sweeping through their branches.
I wish I could hear their songs.
Not just hear, but to actively listen
Because they fill their chords with notes of love.
I want their tunes to brush my ear
and their leaves to gently cover me from above.
The leaves that don't crunch or wither or die.
The leaves are full of ever-increasing life.
When the fallen leaves have touched my skin
Chills cover my flesh and shoot me with a sensation.
I have been touched by this gracious life.

That cabin is carefully handcrafted
from the hands of the trees themselves
sacrificing what they possess
so that the Cabin could beautiful.
The Cabin is Beautiful.
The leaves and vines dance across the porch
extending warm welcomes to no end
And the branches speak with every creak
full of wisdom and grace
There is no vacant space
that isn't already filled from with generous hands.

I wish I could return to that Cabin in the woods.
But I know that I've left it too long.
The tree's songs have been sung
and they have regrettably moved on
by shedding their pain and growing new leaves.
I know I deserve nothing from these carbon friends
They've already cut loose ends.
Yet, I cannot pass the Cabin in the woods
And comfortably leave them behind.
I crave to go back
and knock on it's door
And inhale the trees aroma once again.
I ache to be filled with their life.
I wish to be in the Cabin in the woods
I wish I could see the lovely trees again

Poem by Little.Bird
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Great, I am glad you enjoyed it.


Ooooh, I like the full poem... good choice...



I made a very large on the other day, of this same puzzle, this poem
is much longer, and I think I chose the last part, although I wanted
to post it all, thought about going back and adding the whole poem,
maybe I will. I just did!!


Beautiful puzzle, Bibs, and beautiful poem! Wish I'd done that! ha! Can't wait to work it... Anna

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