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Happy (Belated) Mother's Day from Riley

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I got to see Riley yesterday, who was very curious about a gift bag I had received at the
Drive - thru - Church I attended. He wanted to take this opportunity to give you all his greetings on Mother's Day, but I couldn't get it posted until today!
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You are welcome, Nillie! Yes, Riley is just fine. I got to see him last Sunday, and he is not only satisfied, but in charge of the house, and very well loved by all! ☺☺☺♥♥


Thanks for your nice comment to the sweeties puzzle GG. It's funny in a way, that when I see a black doggie it reminds me of balck kitties, among the line is also Mr. Riley :-))) Hopefully he is well and satisfied ♥♥


Thank you for your comments and good wishes, Impie, tisketsmum and nillie! So nice to hear from you! I did have a nice Mother's Day, and I hope you all did as well! ♥♥


Hi Mr. Riley,it's so good to see you again... Thanks GG for posting! Take care and keep well♥♥


Riley always looks so sweet and we thank you for his greetings GG. It's lovely to see him doing so well and we know it was you who is the foundation of that before he joined your family. Keep those pics coming. ♥♥♥


Aww, thank you Riley. Good wishes are never late!!....and thank you for passing on his message, GG. Such a lovely photo of sweet Riley!♥♥
I hope your Mother's Day was a good one as well, GG, thanks!♥♥


Thank you, Returner! He is doing well indeed!

Thanks for thinking of Riley, morepiecesplz! It's always fun for me to post about Mr. Riley, and I appreciate your interest in him!

Thanks, Morris!! He is a sweetie for sure!


Hello, Riley -- ALWAYS a pleasure to know he and his family are doing well.




Such a coincidence - I had just thought of Riley this weekend. Very glad to hear from you and know he's doing well.


Thank you, dhi!


What a lovely picture, no matter the day.

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