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Bovine traffic jam

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And oops, a display of exuberance, cattle style! It was the look from the black and white cow nearest my car that I was amused by - until I looked at the photo more closely! I had just shooed them out of the way of my friend's car so she could leave the pub car park, but as soon as I had returned to my car they were obstructing the road again. I was able to safely drive past them after a ten minute wait. ☺☺☺
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You are welcome.


I suppose they do Ianto, thanks!

Well, they do have the right of way.


Thanks Pat! Yes, she was!


They can be stubborn .. Great photo ..The one close to you is surely watching every move you make ..


Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day on Friday! ☺


. . Enjoy your official lazy day :) I’m planning on taking the day off, just a day to myself this Friday :))


Good morning! You're welcome Tea, I'm glad you found it interesting. I lived and worked in nearby Salisbury for 3 years and the New Forest was a favourite 'stomping ground' for my friends and I, and and a refuge too after a hard day at work at times.
Thank you, I hope you have a good day too. I'm having a quiet / lazy day today, watching tennis at Wimbledon then maybe even a certain football match this evening! ☺


Good morning Lorna :)
I know about having company and . . it just doesn’t look nice to slip away to work a few puzzles, lol ! Thank you for the interesting information about the New Forest. I read everything and loved the photo gallery too :) So it’s definitely not “New”, but now I understand its purpose. Seems like you have endless opportunities for great photos there :) Have a good Wednesday!


Good evening Tea. Sorry for the late response but I have had visitors all day, and only now they have left and some semblance of order is restored in my kitchen can I 'play' on jigidi! Your question foxed me I have to confess, so I have done a little research. In a nutshell, it turns out that William the Conqueror declared the existing land as his 'new hunting forest' naming it 'Nova Foresta', which evolved into its English name meaning 'New Forest'. I also found this site which you may find interesting ...
Hopefully this sheds some light on the matter for you. I have certainly learned something anyway!
Good night. ☺


G’afternoon Lorna, I enjoyed your note and glad to know you’re another country girl, at heart :) I grew up picking blackberries too. My Mom made the best cobblers, if I picked enough berries! As we get older, it seems the funny & pleasant memories overshadow the not-so-good-memories, hopefully they do. I’m smiling at what you wrote about waiting for the cows and the comparison to regular ole traffic jams:) When we were in Ireland, sometimes we’d have to wait for sheep to leave the road, always an enjoyable few minutes, but getting stuck in Nashville traffic is a bit more stressful, lol :) I think our appreciation for country scenery, the valley you see close to your home and the animals that keep us amused . . these things shape our personalities . . for the better :)

I’m curious about something. How long has the New Forrest been “new” ?? There’s 2 roads in my city, Old Shackle Island and New Shackle Island Road (nothing to do with an island). New Shackle Island has had that name for many years. Someone explained that the New and the Old marks the difference in which road is which (bad English). So I was wondering about your New Forest :))


Good morning Tea. Yes I had hit the sack! I was brought up on the edge of a city but within a short walk of countryside, where there were arable and livestock farms. I was raised to appreciate nature, wildlife and animals in general. There was a favourite Hereford bull we called Ferdinand (no idea why!) that I would chat to, and on a dog walk with mum and Gran, i remember watching a calf being born. I'd forage for wild greenstuff to feed my pet rabbit, collect the discarded ears of wheat and pick blackberries in the fields for him (and us!) Happy days... It is funny what we remember isn't it? I am much more a country girl than a city one, and the only cities I have lived and worked in were definitely not the great metropolis, but surrounded by lovely countryside such as the New Forest. I live right on the edge of town now too, with a beautiful rural valley just up the road.
As for these cows, I didn't mind waiting for them, but waiting in a massive vehicle traffic jam at road works for 45 minutes on my way home was no fun at all !


Hi Lorna, I just got home, but I imagine you might have already turned in. Yes, it was a pleasant 3rd and 4th of July (different cities in my county do their fireworks on alternate days). Let me tell you one thing I remember about the cows . . my grandfather had a small catfish pond. The cows would go there to drink. Even though they were massive in size, the beaten path was a straight line and only 4 or 5 inches wide, for the reason that they walk with one hoof behind the one in front :) Kinda fun to watch! Yes, I like cows, you’re right, it’s their gentle faces and lovely eyes :) I’m sorry you had to wait 10 minutes for them to moo-v along!


Hello Tea, I hope you had a great day yesterday. I imagine you had some fun times on your grandfather's ranch when you were little! I rather like cows too - they have such gentle faces and lovely eyes, though the one nearest my car here hadn't quite perfected that sweet expression! ☺


Hello Lorna,
I have a special fondness for cows :) My grandfather was a cattle rancher and so I grew up enjoying their company. Thank you for the delightful puzzle, I’m catching up on yesterday’s puzzles after the Fourth celebrations :) Have a good Monday!


You are welcome Suzy. ☺


Great link, Lorna. Thank you!!!


They had vast open spaces all around them johnfm.... ☺

Indeed Putem. And it is theirs of course! ☺

When I worked and lived in nearby Salisbury, I had a favourite tea room Val, where they served the most delicious home made blackcurrant jam with the scones. Their cream teas were VERY yummy! ☺

I'm glad it amused you Jill. I agree, that does appear to be what that cow is thinking! ☺

It was a funny end to a nice day Patti. I had taken Elsa with me to meet a friend and her 'new' rescue dog. The dogs got on fine and we had a lovely lunch at a great pub, and a bit of a walk before heading homeward. ☺


That was a funny adventure, Lorna! Thanks for sharing!


A very funny photo Lorna. That cow you mentioned - he’s saying “what ya looking at!”. Thanks for the giggle


Lorna funny photo thank you, a cream tea sounds very yummy about now☺♥

This is the joy of country driving - whose road do you think it is anyway?


Why don't we do it in the road ......



Lol, thanks Suzy! We had an excellent lunch in a lovely location - an area known as the New Forest which was once a Royal hunting ground and consists of open heathland and ancient woodland. Many a nice pub and venue for a cream tea can be found there too.... Visitors would more commonly expect to see free roaming ponies but cattle have freedom to roam too.


The joys of rural living and a very mooving story. I must say, the term "pub car park" caught my attention and has made me thirsty.....and milk just won't quench the thirst.
Brilliant puzzle, Lorna!

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