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Troubles napping (Small)

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That was my excuse for not making the bed :)
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Oh, Olya, this never appeared in my notifications. She's a gorgeous kitty-girl. Her face markings are just outstanding! And she sounds well named for her adventurous spirit. How lucky you are to have her,


Such a pretty puzzle and cat - thank you! :-))


I guess it just makes you love them more. ☺☺☺


Pammi, totally! Once I came home and was wondering why Troubles wasn't there to greet me. Usually, she is the first one at the door. Eventually, I heard a muffled meowing, and discovered that she was locked in the basement. Then later, she was MIA again, and the basement door was not closed, so I was getting worried. As I am walking upstairs, calling for her, I hear a faint "meow". Opened the linen closet door, and there was Troubles, curled up on a towel. She is my adventurous kitty :) If King or CutiePie are missing, I send the kids to check under the beds, and the lost are found. With Troubles, it's anybody's guess :)


Olya, a few years back when we still had our beautiful Chloe, we were woken in the night with a loud noise as if something had given way or had fallen. We both jumped out of bed and quickly put all the lights in the house on in case it was burglars. We searched every room and found nothing. Reluctantly, we went back to bed and slept the rest of the night away. During the following morning I heard a strange noise coming from the linen cupboard, opened the door and you guessed it, there was my girl surrounded by sheets and towels she had dislodged from the shelves. She had been missing for at least twenty four hours and we had been so worried wondering where she was and all the time the little miss was locked up. So I can certainly relate to Troubles causing mayhem. ☺☺☺


Thank you for your kind words, everybody! Troubles does live up to her name, but she is also the snuggliest :) Her sister CutiePie is a scaredy cat, and her brother King is a sweet and mellow boy. Troubles, on the other hand, has been voted "Most Likely To End Up Accidentally Locked In A Closet", "Most Likely To Escape Given Half A Chance", and "Most Likely To Bite The Hand That Feeds Her" :)


What a beautiful girl, Olya. Who could be heartless enough to move her??? Certainly not me. ☺♥☺


A darling name for a kitty who presents no troubles, just a lot of joy.


She is a beauty! nan

What a precious face.


Oh, my. She's absolutely precious. Such a beautiful face!


Aww....she's gorgeous!

good excuse always

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