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We Will Never Forget ~ 09-11- 2001

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Budweiser Tribute
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Thanks Jeri.


I will not forget this day, but if the Lord sees fit, he'll let me remember the good stuff and forget the bad.


I was on my way to work. Couldn't quite believe what I was hearing on the radio. Got to work and everyone was gathered around a tv in the Board room, so I joined them. Such a horrific thing. I don't think a lot of work got done that day.


I cried every time I watched the tv. Watching people in NYC posting pictures of loved ones and wondering if anyone saw them made me think "what if that was the only person in that person's life and they could not find them." I felt so bad for these people trying to find loved ones.


My wife and I were headed out to door to go see a friend in Canton, Ohio.


I was transcribing phone messages onto pagers and a wife was sending the msg to her husband at work that the first plane hit and while she was talking I could hear her TV and the second plane hit.I remember going home on a completely silent bus and the freakiest thing was no planes in the sky.What a terrible time that was.


Bev-0! I took K to Laughlin for our anniversary and was walking through the Pioneer when I saw it on a TV. I just stopped and watched as the second tower was collapsing.


Heroes in hard hats.


The History Channel had had hours of it. Still on now. One clip I vividly remember was of 5 or 6 beer-bellied construction workers striding briskly toward the Towers. A TV person asked them, "Where are you going?" They replied, "We're going to do whatever needs to be done!" They made me cry and I have always wondered if they made it. Honorable people.


Mom called me and I turned on the TV. Then I called my friend to tell her something really awful was happening in NYC and to turn on the news. I was one of millions glued to the TV set. It was my day off so I saw it all.


I was on my way to work. Heard it on the radio. At first I thought a tiny plane hit the building.


I was at a paramedic workshop on Long Island.


I was just watching the news from Ontario. Saw the first plane hit the building and thought it didn't somehow look like an accident. When the second one hit we all knew.


I was getting ready for work. Heard the announcement come on the TV in the living room.


Anyone old enough remembers where they were when they first heard about 9/11.


The firemen, police and other rescuers are to this day suffering from medical fallout and are succumbing to disease. They are all Heroes and deserve the utmost care.
Thanks Jeri ♥♥




Patriotic Hearts on this day of remembering! ♥♥


Thanks for the tag Jeri. Such a beautiful photo of the Budweiser Tribute. We will never forget!

I think they do it on the anniversary from dusk till dawn every year. It will happen today at the Airforce vs. Navy game.


Where were you standing?


I lived in Rochester, NY at the time, more than 300 miles from New York City.
I was working from home when I got an instant message from one of my colleagues in England, asking if I was okay, and what was going on? I replied that I was fine and asked what he meant. He told me to turn on my TV.
I did, and a few minutes later sent emails to my family telling them I was safe at home in Rochester, and wasn't anywhere near New York City.
I also did not go back to work that day.


Thank you for this picture jeri. We shall never ever forget. I pray for our future here in the USA. It is one of the first times I can remember of stuff going amiss. God Save Us.


I was pulling a wagon through the neighborhood, one granddaughter and her cousin.
i could not figure out why the neighborhood was totally quiet no one around except us.
I got back to my son's house and movers were just bringing in a new refrigerator and one of the helpers said if you have a radio or a TV turn it on there is breaking news.
That is how we found out. It was the saddest day I can remember as an adult. My
first saddest day was the attack on Pearl harbor. OMG!!!


Ellen, it's odd but I also remember where I was standing watching this on TV.


I know exactly where I was when this came on the TV news. I took my little bitty TV to work with me and desperately tried not to cry.

Those lights go up four miles.


Always have loved the lights. Do they still do this? I sincerely hope so.

God bless the USA. May we always stand strong.


What a wonderful tribute, it bought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jeri.


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