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A screen I got

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Not good.
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Globe. I have them on my e-mails. A usb stick will work as well.


If you can, back up photos you want to keep on a usb stick or in a cloud programme you can trust.

My nephew set me up. I don't want to mess around.


Yup, iPhone and iPad. Edge on the laptop.

Google snoops too much. So don’t use chrome.

I have Safari on my phone.


Safari or Edge.



Dan, you use what you feel comfortable with. I had Firefox when a started on the computer.

Thanks Bob.


@WillEckerslike - the Chrome web browser is not what this puzzle is about. The error is from the Chrome Operating System, which is based in Linux.


My new computer came with Chrome, I uninstalled it straight away, I use Firefox.

Thanks Juba.

Volltar: This is an old computer. I don't work on it, so not a lot to save. Mostly my photos I thing that my nephew back things up before he changed to this one. I have fingers crossed.




I've never used Chrome OS. I have used Dos, Windows and Linux. I currently dual boot Windows and Linux. Watchman is correct, save/back-up what you value first. Use Chrome recovery and hope for the best.




Yes it is Bob.

I agree Sara.

Maria: the few files I have were saved. Rebooting worked.

DB: I'm sure James would have helped. My nephew did figure it out.

If you need help Jolene, ask James


If you can, save all your files. Hopefully, rebooting will solve the problem.


Crap 💩 !!!!!!


Is this Chrome OS's "Blue Screen of Death"?



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