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Eli Vokounova is a fractal artist (since 2006) and freelance graphic designer since 2008. Her work can be found on deviantArt where she posts under name lucid light
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  1. LKRogers8:37
  2. myladydanes10:04
  3. Misery10:21
  4. ansosay11:43
  5. mpilnadyful12:35
  6. jizzywill12:49
  7. Medilover13:10
  8. doodlze413:17
  9. stephanierussell13:23
  10. WendyKay13:29


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mpilnadyful - it is rather elegant isn't it? Glad you liked it too

Glad you like it it WendyKay. It certainly appealed to me when I saw it.


Fascinating and elegant.

This is beautiful! Thanks, ansosay!

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