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Misty The 2-Year Old

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A plant she knocked over.
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If you look at my profile page again, my avatar is the 15 year old. She is such a sweet cat and would not fight for herself, so she was always getting the worst of the fights. Her name is Miss Toni. I will see if I can find a picture of her that shows how sweet she is. :-)) dj

Thanks for the update, Donna. I'm glad everything has worked out for everybody. I don't remember ever having a senior cat be okay with being abandoned and left alone after a companion died. It's great that yours is enjoying being an only child.

Before long could you post a puzzle with your 15-year-old? And tell us her name?


Thanks, Patsy....the one pictured above was a new 2-year old that we adopted after our 14 year old male passed and left another14 year old female (my avatar) alone. The 2 year old did NOT like our older cat and was attacking her to the point where I had to bring her to the vet because of a major cat fight. I could not leave them together, so I found a wonderful home with an older lady who just fell in love with her. Our now 15 going on 16 in April is so much happier being an only child. *lol* :-)) dj

I've been looking through your cat puzzles and stories and only half-laughing. At our house we've had issues around paper towels/tissues, houseplants, and other items that can make a nice mess. Now that our cats are older, and I've learned how to protect some things (e.g.., turn all Kleenex boxes upside down), the incidents are less frequent.

It's been more than a year since you've posted photos and stories of your cats. Hoping to see some puzzles soon. And hoping for good news that your cats have become less destructive. -Patsy

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