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Corner Poinsettias

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I created this as a Christmas card for my best friend's mother. I hope you all enjoy it too.
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  1. pusleeva7:10
  2. castanea148:01
  3. lane8:45
  4. Contessamayday9:12
  5. Tillie9:16
  6. mcleodfritz9:19
  7. maryterry9:57
  8. EditorAfloat10:02
  9. tuki10:12
  10. Fulton10:17


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And ENJOY I do. WOW! 8 HRS. You are truly a great friend to your friend. I am really impressed.
Another jigideer who has stopped posting because of the time envolved is Bitla. She has some amazing pics you will like....various animals and such. Try the following one for fun.
By the way am finally caught up my backlog from your site...Whew...! Enjoyed it. Hope you post again soon. hugs dee


Thank you, Carolyn! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

EditorAfloat, thank you for sharing this - very artistic as a Christmas card - very interesting as a puzzle too. It is beautiful. Festive greetings to you and yours, Carolyn


Thank you Tedismom! It is a Photoshop (CS4) rendition. It took me about 8 hours to create and has multiple layers. I started with a clipart object. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for asking.

It is very beautiful. What medium did you use?

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