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Daksi lounging with Patty Cakes, her brother "she can't stand"

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Fooling no one. Such lazy children we have!
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  1. purpley27:01
  2. vbrewer6433:34
  3. Talana39:03
  4. puppsgal39:07
  5. tapsak50:33
  6. Artola2:50:47


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@betterlatethannever Back off lady! Stranger danger! lololol. You'll never get your hands on my snuggle buddy!

I think Patrick wants to come over and play with Smudge......and maybe stay.


@beyondwords They cohabitate fairly well. Daksi even enjoys being chased for a few minutes and then takes herself out of the game when she's done. She even likes it when he cleans her head...but again for a few minutes. She's just in her 40's and over it. Lololol

Nice that they can share a space for a little while. Thank you for the story. At our house we still have some chasing and mild aggression, but those cats sometimes get along well and even cuddle. Hoping your two learn to get along better. Let us see them again before long with an update.


Poor Daksi has to put up with this bundle of black fur annoying her. I had a friend with the same situation. The older cat was quite miffed about the intruder. It took Older some time training to get Intruder to 'shape up.' But they eventually became loving and playful friends. So good luck. :o))


Hello you two - play nicely now!


@vbrewer64 Dakis loves "p" words and princess is her favorite. She rolls around giving sleepy eyes when I call her a pretty precious princess.


adorable flopsy patrick. good thing you post pictures of daksi or i'd think she wasn't real. since she won't even let me lay eyes on her. princess supreme.


Patty Cakes is the black void in the front. Daksi is the tortico in back. Well Daksi is like a 40 something year old woman in human years and last summer we took in a scrawny starved backyard kitten who somehow is twice the size of her now. We constantly apologize and tell her "we didn't know Daksi, we didn't know he'd be so big". He has a ton of kitten energy still...and is favorite thing is to clean sister and chase sister. She's not a fan.


Is that Patty Cakes in the background? And why does Daksi have such a negative attitude towards Patty Cakes? :o))

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5 July 2020 - 28 May 2017
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