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Safe Keeping

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Easily one of Akaroa's most beloved and recognized buildings, constructed in timber in 1905. This building has housed the Bank of New Zealand until the branches closure recently, It is now up for sale. NZ May 2022
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Very glad to hear that Putem, we enjoy it. Thanks

I loved Akaroa 💞


Check mate with that comment Brian lol well done


Fantastic old building Lady Jillian it’s a shame the bank made a permanent withdrawal !
Cheers mate.......B


I just noticed it . . so if anyone in Akaroa is wanting to know my opinion, I think it’s a wonderful spot for a good restaurant :))


Tea I will keep an eye out, actually my puzzle today shows it’s surrounds :) Thanks


Let us know what happens to it :) It’d be a wonderful single family residence, but if it’s in a business district, maybe a restaurant! Thanks Jill for the puzzle🧩


Rebekka what a great idea lol Good for you! Thanks 😊

Janet it will be interesting to see who buys it and for what purpose. Thanks with hugs

Nev it is impressive in a grand, safe and secure sort of way. Interesting
point about the heating, as upstairs is already a lovely apartment that is lived in and the the downstairs would have had to have some decent heating sorted for customers and workers it might not be too bad, thanks Nev ❤️

It is lovely Val. Interesting about your friends. On our trip down south last autumn we had meals at ex BNZ building a couple of times. Hugs ❤️😊

Lynette pleased you think so too, thanks 😊❤️


Beautiful building 😊🌼


Lovely old building, friends of ours years ago bought the old BNZ building in Lawrence, Otago, they lived in it for years. Now I think it is used for shops and a cafe Hugs ♥


It's certainly impressive, Jill.
If purchased for a residence, it might be expensive to heat in Winter. Timber construction, and all those windows. ♥♥♥


A gorgeous building thanks Jill, it would make a grand home! Hugs my friend. ♥


What a classically beautiful building! If anyone here buys it, could I please rent the second floor apartment from you? Thank you :-)


You are so right Dobra and actually I love doing all my banking on line but still sad to see them go. Thanks 😊


The new era brings us a lot of changes. We don't like to see everyone.


Andie I know it’s crazy to think how “old” buildings are so young compared to yours, but glad you enjoy them, hugs


Suzy, daasha, Jacki, Jerry, Michelle, Irena, Andie.
Yes over the last couple of years many of our Banks have shut down branches in smaller towns etc ATM machines replace the personal interaction. It is sad but … There is already a lovely apartment on the top floor of this building as this was normal practice to have the Bank Manager “housed” on the second floor. It will be interesting to see what becomes of it.
Suzy maybe a tad more than a nano-second :)
Thank you daasha ❣️
I agree Jacki, it is impressive thanks
Jerry and just one block up from the beach and yes a huge vault ;))
Michelle, thank you 💕
And thank you dear Irena


Yes I agree with Suzy ,a shame the bank closed down.What will prospective buyers decide to do about this lovely building?Thanks Jill ,I love your "old buildings".


Wow, very nice. TFS Dear Jill😏👌


What a lovely building ♥♥♥


@JillianB What a great flip to a residence this would make. Minimal lawn and garden, magnificent architecture. It most likely already has a special room for your tiaras! WOW!


Suzy's got a point. A most impressive building. Thanks Jill.

Very nice building, Jill. I send my best regards. ♥♥♥


What a shame the bank is no longer operating. A buyer will surely fall in love with this and its history and snap it up in a nano-second!!!

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