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My loved Peace rose budding

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  1. LadyDonna10:24
  2. alias2v0:30
  3. Ianto0:35
  4. Tracy950:36
  5. Carinasekkelund0:40
  6. Pekaji0:43
  7. jjinx0:46
  8. Augur20210:49
  9. Rozalia0:53
  10. marunka2770:53


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Rest and feel better. Sending good vibes your way.


Jinx, will hopefully post tomorrow. I have not slept well for the last two nights and feeling a bit drained, thanks...Mary


Putterdutt, thanks, I really love this rose. This time I had 6 blooms at the same time, 1 right after the other bloomed, but I could not get a good picture before the wind picked up and blew it all away,,,,🥲


Berkeleyborn, it is so true with this particular rose, they smell heavenly. Very special to me and so glad you liked it . Mary


Catmo, thanks for your sweet comments.


Yes, please let us see it in all its glory!


It's beautiful, Mary! Hope to see another shot in a day or two.


What a nice treat with my evening tea. And honestly I swear I can smell its wonderful fragrance!


Beautiful! Great shot. What a nice way to start my morning!
Thank you for sharing.

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