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Dclo & fam do ballgame

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My bro took a family selfie while we were in Pittsburgh Sat watching Pirates beat our Phillies. I labelled me so you'd be sure to recognize me, ha. Have fun, Dclo
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  1. Jejegasa0:57
  2. Dclo1:00
  3. Kab1:12
  4. mble1119111:13
  5. Barbara381:17
  6. grie1car1:25
  7. Jacquie1291:36
  8. erlysmoe2:07
  9. egrcain2:58
  10. Yeosy4:23


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SDalot, Pirates are a pretty decent team this year and on a sad note almost anyone can beat the Phillies, sniffle. Goodnight to both of you, have good tomo,Dave

Re. the black hearts...odd because on my screen there is just the name and nothing at all in the comment box. I am not familiar with the black hearts either...maybe she just loved the fun title and photo?? Re. prices... yes in a totally free market, when shortages occur then price goes up. But it does seem strange to me that when insurance companies are paying according to current prices -then when shortages occur prices go down.
Great family! Your dad looks like he has a bit of the jokester in him. Well, at least you came by your wit honestly. In my family, we have it handed down from both families...and my niece was doing stand-up comedy in NYC for a while before getting married and starting a family. She had a great body of work to draw from= All of US! Have a great night, D. -M


That's funny because I just watched my team(the Mariners) lose to the Pirates. The Pirates must be winning often lately. Also funny that your face is covered.


I just laughed out loud. That's funny about the paper 'cause I was going to say some stranger flashed a piece of paper in front of my face as pic clicked. As far as my Dad is concerned he's not in the pic. That's a complete stranger who wanted to sit with us! (I'm lying). Dad's quirkier than I am. Back row: Me, Dad, niece, her Mom (MY sis in law), front row: Bro, his son in law (married to niece , sitting behind him) bro's son, woman behind sis in law is her sis,--- her hubby and three kids off camera. Missing about eight more this trip (Maine, vacation). Thanks for dropping in M. Unsure about other pic and comments. I always thought with shortages then pricing would go up? Who am I though? I'm just a house painting celebrity, ha. According to YOU. Hey side note. What's up with that other player leaving me three black hearts as a comment? Kinda creepy I think. The puzzle with the three of us rolling paint. Thought that odd. ANYWAyHoo, gotta get to bed earlier. Two more work days and close to closing out college apts for season. See you later M, goodnight, D

Looks like they are all having a good time. Your dad has a nice smile. I bet you get at least some of your wit and sense of humor from him. So now if anyone from Jigidi ever meets you on the street, they won't recognize you without the orange paper on your face,right? It must be tough to be such a celebrity that you go to these lengths. LOL --M

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