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These are a few of the dolls I made years ago. They are made from offcuts, scraps and leftover quilting materials - and all are around 8-10 inches tall. I guess you could call them adult dolls!!!!

I gave them all names such as Doris the lazy beer drinker & smoker, Mary-Jane the hippy in her demin bib & brace overalls, Althea the crystal ball gazer, Knitting Nan and her yarn, sleeping Zed after a session on the Rough Red and Calypso the mermaid with her sequinned tail and pearl in her bellybutton!
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Yes, I agree with the others ... these are brilliant !!!
: )))))


Thanks Laura:)))) She has a full head of hair rollers too:))


They are so cute, especially the upper left. I love her red finger and toe nails!


Thanks Janet - I had fun doing them - and naming them:))))


Rob they are wonderful, I love their names too. Thanks for sharing, hugs my friend ♥


LOL!! Thanks Nev - but you'd better add 'Retired' in front of sculptor:))))) I got them out of my system ages ago!! I've got a couple more to show!! Thanks Nev:)))))


It does a bit Jacki - thanks :))))


Rob, your dolls officially make you a SCULPTOR. So creative, and I do like the names and stories you've chosen. Like others before me, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more too. Brilliant!! ♥♥♥


these are very clever and beautifully made. the one in the upper right reminds me of lily tomlin. thanks for sharing them.


Thanks Barb, Lorna, Suzy, Gracie and Patti - your comments really made me smile:))))) I'll sort out another couple of dolls and see how the photos turn out:))))) Thanks :))))


Wonderful, Robyn! You're so talented! (My mom tried to teach me to knit and sew... but none of it took.)


Wow! you really have talent Rob!


Genius! These are just genius! Bring 'em all on and tell us their stories. You have us hooked :)
Thank you for sharing these with us. You have quite a talent.


They are brilliant Rob! And I echo Barb, please show us more!


Oh my....Rob, my hat is of to you for your talent and imagination....LOL....I love them all. I hope you show us more, thanks :)


LOL! I had a fun time doing them Kirsten - I even bought a baby name book to look for names:)))) I had the bug bad for a while there:)))) I don't know about showing them though - if you go to the big craft fairs that come around each year - they have comps and mine are very amateurish by comparison:))) Thanks :)))

Shock horror Lunie!!! I'd hate to HAVE to make them - that would take all the pleasure out of it:)))) Thanks though:))))


Hi Rob! Couldn't believe you did them! You could have them patentd and sold on a commercial scale, they are really unique and so pretty. tfs.


LOL!! The mermaid and the old dear in her pink dressing gown were made from bought patterns - but I made the rest up. I painted and stitched faces, shoes, nails, eyes etc. ( eyes have a dab of clear nail varnish to make them shine) and I hand stitched the hair from wool, mohair or synthetic hair. It was fun to do - and I guess I made about 40 all up! Some I gave away as gifts. Thanks BK:))))


I don't know what I like more, Rob! The dolls themselves, or the fantastic names (and lifestyles) you gave them!! I'm sure there is money to be made from these - either in selling them, or exhibiting them as art! (❛ᴗ❛)


You have a talent Rob. They have such character:-))) Are they all your own designs? Did you paint those faces?
You should post more of them.


Thanks Shirley - that's Doris the beer drinker and smoker:)))) She also has a full head of hair rollers!!!


I love them, Rob, and the names you chose, LOL, Rob, Nanna in the pink dressing gown looks like she is drinking something stronger than coffee :)))) Thanks for sharing them.

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