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"Life is Wonderful in Schlitzerland, U.S.A."

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Now, how many of you last grilled your cocktail weenies in the fireplace or popped your corn in the living room? Or dressed up like this in order to do so? I love this guy's illustrations for Schlitz so here's another.

1958 Schlitz Beer Milwaukee "Move Up To Quality" Advert Schlitzerland, USA.


  1. marcyj44:57
  2. 3law1349:49
  3. Rzufall54:29
  4. Jowkin58:38
  5. lindaturnbull59:08
  6. mkadrian59:19
  7. jun1pee1:00:41
  8. Ushi111:05:36
  9. Ritab11121:08:15
  10. jeanne721:10:00


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Ushi, What a brat you are, lol! But ... in "the good way"! You're always welcome, even when you laugh at me! xoxo JM p.s. If I had a fireplace I might try this!


I don't only in the garden :) and you JM ? And I tell you theire is a cat and dog in the puzzle. Just to be shore that you see it ! And not like the puzzle before ! LOL LOL :) :) :) Thanks again