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O.J. (He's waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge)

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I had to let my 16 year old O.J. go today. He was the sweetest, happiest cat I've ever met with a purr you could hear all over the house.
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Poor Riveroad, I only just now came across your beautiful puzzle. I know you will never forget your dear O.J. It is so hard, but I am sure you have given puss a lovely life. My dearest Keuteltje (named Pussy by me) died last year of cancer. After she helped to nurse me to health, it hurt so much to have to,let her go. I have put a chair close to her little grave in the garden and when I sit there, in my heart is a stillness. A stillness that I now call our very own love time together. Remembering her lovely, lovely life that she enjoyed in spades. I have had a peek over the Rainbow Bridge and it is very beautiful. Pussy and O.J. are there together, playing and snoozing on the sunny side.


Thank you, Teena. They are all a joy, each with their own little personalities. There is an empty spot in our home but we're coping.

Dearest Riverroad, I'm so so sorry to hear about O.J's. departure to heaven. We had a cat that looked just like him only black an white, we called him George, we still have two cats Precious an Nyu, (nyu is Indian for best friend) And we think of them as our children so we know just how heave your heart is. Our sympathy goes out to you an yours. The cemetery for our four legged family members has a home made cross over each one with their name on it and a bench with bleeding heart planted on each side of the bench. May your other four children help you as you help them get through the loss. Hugs, T&T or Tom & Teena I'm Teena


You are so welcome riveroad! ♥ x


Thanks, Patricia, for the comment and the puzzle :-)


We had mister Jay from the time I was 13 or so, he came to us as a stray, presumably from a farm down the road. He was mostly an outdoor cat and when we moved to a more urban area I insisted to riveroad he must come with us. She argued he'd hate being cooped up inside but we had bonded and I refused to leave him... and never was there a cat happier to stay indoors and lay in the sunshine where there was always something to eat. I have lost a brother, a friend, and a confidante... Every time I step outside I can feel him smiling at me and the warmth that always came with it, so I know he is okay. it's never easy losing our hairy family members but as my mother says, so many other animals around here to love, and more to come in the future I'm sure.


OMG riveroad: I just saw this. I am so very deeply sorry for your kitty-loss. Boy, I know how bad it hurts! Lots of love from Patricia (Almond/Biscotto/biscottino) ♥
I will post a nice kitty puzzle for you tomorrow under Biscotto x


Thank you all for your kind comments. There is going to be quite the welcoming committee when I eventually get to that bridge, 3 dogs and 5 cats, it'll be a grand reunion. In the meantime, I've still got my old Bichon and 3 kitties, one of which still has that "new kitten shine" to her! Life goes on, so many critters to love, so little time :-)


And he was obviously so happy to be with you all those years, riveroad. You'll have some wonderful times to remember and his love will always be with you.


Nice tribute to your beloved friend. So sorry for your loss.


((((( HUGS ))))) riveroad. It's painful losing a family member, but he enriched your life for knowing and being loved by him. And he'll always be in your heart.


I am sure he knew how lucky he was to own you....


I am sorry.

I have lost one kitty of my own, and too many grand kitties. I know the feelings you are experiencing today.


My deepest condolences from a fellow 'pet person', riverroad! Mine have always been considered my furry family; have a cemetery at the lower portion of my back property w/a bench for sitting/remembrances. With each loss -the last act of KINDNESS- , a piece of one's heart goes! I KNOW ~ but when it's time....always another needs a forever home! A great niece and her children just helped their family dog 'over' on Monday and I emailed a cy of Rainbow Bridge. Assuming you, too, have that wonderful writing ~ mine has hung for many yrs w/pictures of those waiting for me! This is a deep, profound GRIEF like non-other... and difficult for some to fully understand. I DO, and am so sorry you/we must go thru this. Your O.J. IS waiting in that wonderful place. ♥ Lin

We lost our 14-1/2 year old Miniature Pinscher on November 1, so the recent loss of a furbaby is fresh in my heart. Know that there is an abundance of furbaby mommies and daddies on this site who feel for you on this sad day.


riveroad, I totally understand the dreadful feeling of loss you are having to cope with. I extend all my sympathy to you and hope you can enjoy all the wonderful memories of your time with this beautiful little furry boy. We know they they are not with us for ever but that does not ease the pain of losing them.


Thank you. It's been a hard day.


Cute face, I am sorry for your loss.

What a nice photo of Jay. I know you'll miss him but it was the kindest thing to do for him. Hugs.


I am so sorry for your loss, river. :(

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