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πŸ‘Ÿ,,,🐾🐍 Into the wilderness 🐍🐾,,,πŸ‘Ÿ

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Chitwan National Park
is the oldest national park in Nepal and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the central subtropical part of the country. It is home to rhinos, crocodiles, bears and especially the king of the jungle - the tiger. We will also meet monkeys, vultures, peacocks, snakes and many species of butterflies and insects.

- crocodile ... face to face

Looking into the crocodile's mouth doesn't look very safe. This photo, as the only one from the Park series, was not taken in the wild. If that were the case, I don't know what the outcome of the meeting would be.
In fact, this long-jawed Indian crocodile - Gavialis gangeticus - is a critically endangered species. It is an Indian sacred animal and its occurrence in the wild is very rare. There is a specialized center for breeding these rare animals in Chitwan National Park. Crocodiles spend another 6 to 7 years there after hatching from an egg. Then they are released into the wild. They live in the river in the Park together with classic freshwater crocodiles.
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Marina, that's good advice, thank you. Crocodiles are not really very trustworthy animals β™₯:))


I wouldn't trust its smile nor its long snout.. Never trust Crocs.


Gail, mine too. Do you know what surprised me a little? The beautiful pure pink color of his "oral cavity". I would assume it less innocent given the composition of his diet β™₯:))


Very impressive, he has earned my respect! 😁


Jerry, I've made interesting associations that you have when you look into the crocodile's mouth. Very good and funny note, thank you β™₯:))


Suzy, thank you for your funny comment, I'm having fun! The photo is not very good, but in such circumstances it is understandable. Finally, we have the opportunity to look into the crocodile's mouth! He allowed us such intimacy, and I'm glad you're sharing virtualy this experience β™₯:))


Rebekka, thank you for your kond visit and message. That is true, the breeding of crocodiles and their release into the wild is a very meritorious activity that saves the extinction of this species. I'm so glad you feel it the same way β™₯:))


Jill, I think the crocodile was just yawning, maybe he wanted to sleep. This is a photo of my daughter but she took it in a crocodile breeding center, without danger, separated by a low wall through which the crocodile cannot get β™₯:))


@Deanna YIKES (again)! Upon seeing this I immediately flashed back to the melody (and later released vocal recording) in the Disney animated film "Peter Pan" of years ago...Never Smile at a Crocodile.


YIKES!!! A great photo (and information on it's endangerment) taken within the safety of the Park. Thank goodness!!!


That's very interesting about their breeding program for the endangered crocodile. I'm also glad to hear that this picture was not taken on his territory :-)


I am very glad this is NOT one of your daughters photos! Scary stuff.

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