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Cat shaming series

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  1. Dilubreuer0:06
  2. petr6450:08
  3. Robbos0:09
  4. mgm500:09
  5. Deanna0:09
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  7. baderinwa0:09
  8. rootbeer80:10
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Without the hat he would be very sweet. :)

Why do pet owners do this to their animals? I still think he is pretty cute.--------------Molly


Wisdom, Wendy!


Poor thing. Believe it or not I can relate. Being fat does not automatically make you jolly. You are jolly because you are a happy individual................Wendy



Good for you and the cheesecake sounds great!

I've decided to get jolly, not enough time left for any other way...well, intermittently, anyway...not totally giving up, but trying to look at it in a kind of comedic way and smiling while I'm having a tiny piece of cheesecake every once in a while...Sherry :)))

You have a sense of humor, scanjockey, and that is worth so much. A hug to you. :)


Oh Sweetie, go chase that toy, get cute and skinny. It's hard to be jolly when you're fat. Don't ask me how I know that, I'm not jolly yet, still fat.


6tc, you nailed it. :)

True, Sherry. :)

They sure know how to put us in our places, Returner. :)


It's the ones with the big eyes that kill you with a glare.

Boy! That's a mean pet made the cat fat and now you're shaming him? Pretty sad...


Lol, he's embarrassed to be wearing that silly hat! Dogs do stuff like that, but not regal cats...and a photo as well - harumpf!


Wow a Pussy Grinch!!


Good one, YO!

Scrooge McCat. :)


Not exactly in the Holiday spirit, is he?

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