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Hot water + freezing air

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“A woman throws hot water into the air and watches as it instantly condenses into ice crystals amid temperatures of minus 17 degrees Fahrenheit in Shenyang, China, on Jan. 8.”

Courtesy of Foreign Policy
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  1. thedizzyweasel5:09
  2. beaton865:35
  3. Kaffesoester7:25
  4. stunned7:57
  5. Bill_I_Am8:20
  6. wnord8:29
  7. porgy9:10
  8. redina19:35
  9. Fluffy4510:03
  10. DebbieSue10:28


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It looks like it gets hot as well as cold.

You're welcome, stunned.

Whoa, I would not live there for sure. Great photo and fun post. Thanks so much.


Hi Elvis! I don't think this will work in Oregon unless you climb to the top of Mount Hood. ;-)


Thanks, Bill, this is very cool (and very cold!)!

I'd try it myself, but where I live it doesn't usually get very cold. Sometimes it's cold enough to snow, but our occasional 25º to 30º is a long way from -17º!!


You betcha, Pat!


Thanks, Bill!


I think so too!

Fantastic shot!


I agree, Ellen. Who knew?


Stunning! :o)


You're welcome, Robin, Patti, and mereagle. It would be fun to try. I find it easier to cope with the cold than the heat.


With the angle of the sun on the ice crystals and the woman in shadow, this is an amazing photo ! If I lived somewhere that cold I just might go outside and see if I could do it.


Fabulous! Thank you!


80 degrees here. I would have a hard time dealing with the frustration of living where it's cold, knowing I could be in a warm place. 20 + years in Florida have turned me into a real wuss. Fantastic picture. Thanks. :)


For sure.....


Thank goodness for the internet, Cyndi. :-)


One way or another, yes, Eddie!


It's pretty "cool," isn't it, Robbie!? Not something you can try for yourself. ;-) You're welcome, thanks for dropping in.


I never get tired seeing these pictures. I'm just glad I don't live where I could go out and do this!


what goes up though must come down. Thanks Bill. eddie


What a phenomenal photo Bill, thank you!

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